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Well, I'm still working on the new design.. Guess I have an cool idea but if I get the concept out of my head to the paper... Well...

But I have another topic today. I decided to post about the things my two cats are doing. Not always, because art will always be the more important theme of this blog, but somehow, they are art in their own individual way.
Today I'm introducing to you: Tinksy, normally Tinka, but Tinksy is the name she's been called by me.

I live with her for one year now and I have to say: She made it well.
When she came to me, she has been very scared and tried to hide wherever it has been possible. Sometimes I had to ask for help, because she hid in a little space under a cupboard and wasn't even able to move.
Whenever something happend, like garbage collection, and those guys aren't the masters of being quiet, she wasn't seen the next three days. She couldn't relax and was always on attention. One day she also scratched my roomie, he wanted to feed her, she wanted him to leave her alone.. 
Whenever friends came to my house, she hid away. Noone ever saw her, until her trust was big enough and she came out. Everyone was surprised. "I thought she was so scared of everything?" Yeah.... was is the right word....

Today, they are "somehow" friends, she is open minded and very clever. She is able to open my wardrobe and whenever she wants something she ignores everything, even when I'm sleeping. My little Diva... *gigle*

Whatever she is doing, when she is looking at you with her bright eyes ( and they are damned big!) you can't be angry anymore. But she is still quiet, so quiet that she is looking at you, opening her mouth to make a sound but remains silent. It looks just funny and everytime I have to laugh about it. She is my princess and I'm proud of what has become of her.
Now, if friends are visiting she is coming out and crying for attention. Half a year, she never wanted out of my room, now she is crying and scratching and doing everything just to get out.

She is unbelievable and I love her just the way she is and very proud of what she became.

Tinksy, you are the best! <3

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