Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

That is the night I'm not using for sleep.

So I'm working hard now to get this blogspot ready.

I made a decision. I will post more than just Artwork, that's also way I will rename this as "Creative Corner".
That means, that everything that is creative will find it's way in here, clothes, make-up and so on.

The year 2014 is kinda a reboot for me and shall be great, soo ...

Here I come!!! <(^.^)>

The next days I try to make a an overlook at my working place. Also I need to clean it... x)
Photos and so on will follow, also I try to finish Rodan. It won't be long, then I will have the DVD of Rodan and the flying monsters of Osaka in my hands and until this I want to finish it.

There will be following more of my cats also. Because they are some sort of.. funny. The things they are doing are just incredible and I don't want to have it for my own. Be prepared.

Finally I have a new design and it took forever, to get it the way I want it to.... (x . x) Gosh, that was exhausting. So for today, enough work. I will soon go to sleep and think about overworking some lyrics and maybe Tinksy's blogpost.

Maybe I can introduce to you the new project I planed.. But just maybe.
For now it's ok.

Also soon following, a new Vlog. It will be still in german, because it is easier to do. Maybe someday it might be in english, but just maybe and before I can start this, I need to move and get a new space.

Finally back on track!!
Stay tuned!

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