Sonntag, 2. Februar 2014

Katersen, Dixon or whatever he is called. ♥

Hey guys!

Today I'm introducing you my tomcat Dixon. He is also been called Diggy oder Katersen.
He is five years old and a very special cat, definetly!

He loves cheese, regardless of what kind and is always good for a joke.
I remember that I never laughed that much before and since he is living with me, I feel so much better.
He is also the brother of Tinksy, they have the same parents, but were born on different days and years.

He loves to sit, lie and sleep in my wardrobe and is the loudest in the house.

Whenever he is hungry he turns himself into a little terrorist and is getting on your nerves until you give him what he desires. Most of the time it's in the morning. 
But it's comfortable to sleep together with him and believe me, he is hell of a big cat!

It always looks funny when he is running from you into the kitchen and trying to get some cheese, but there's one thing you can always rely on: He will always stay by your side. 

I never saw such a good friend and never felt so accepted and loved until the two were moving into my house. 
I love them both more than anything else and they will always have a special place in my heart. They deserve it.

He is just soo special. Even when he is sleeping. Well, I don't know how to describe him perfectly, but still I try to do my best. Right now I'm working on a good tattoo design. Even though I have a sample of designs, I still have no tattoo. Well maybe Next month, but I still don't know, cuz there are many things that are just mor important.. We will see. ;) The future had a good start, why not going on good?

And now I have to go to bed. It wasn't that creative I know, but soon there will be more art and stuff. Maybe something new but I'm still not sure..

Sleep well and stay tuned!!!

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