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My chemical Oreo Panda Cupcake!!

Hey guys!

Today has been awesome weather in my little city called Kiel and so I went out and made something with my good old friend Samael. We walked through the city and talked much about different things. Two good friends were also available and walked around with us.

Then I came home. After having dinner I found something very sweet, cute and interesting that many of should have seen before.
Oreo Cupcakes that look like pandas!

And so I will dedicate this post to sweet and yummi desserts.
First we start with the "Oreo Panda" as I will call them for now.
Those are made, as it already says, of Oreo cookies, which are damned delicious and popular, but I think in the USA more than here in godd old Germany. Anyways, they taste good and also look good if they are used for pandas. I still didn't get of what the head was made of. But I surely will find out.
These are the number ones in my To-Do-List.
And here is picture of them:

I think they look sweet.

Now the #2 on my To-Do-List:

 They will baddass kicking and I am totally excited when they are finished. <(°w°)>
But my mum says I'm to childish for those....
Next one I think that is sweet.
And they ae really awesome so I will look for special thinks when I'm doing these ones. Hope I can find a good recipe for them cause they are really sweet.

 Those ones here below are very special. I'm not really sure if I really want to do them but I know that this person must have been much fun by doing these. It's also a great idea to do them, so everybody has the chance to have a iPhone or whatever.

 These are probably the best cupcakes I have seen so far! Look how awesome they are!! I can't believe that they really existed. I'm pretty sure that they will be a good challenge but they look so pretty damned cool that they have to be done. Hope I will somebody to make'em.
 Those childish pink ones are totally sweet. <(^w^)> I only say: KAWAIII! And they also look delicious, but somehow like paper or plastic, I'm not sure either. But whatever they look like, I wanna do them! I have seen the best kid to do and you can be sure to have a good overview when I start the food diary on youtube. Also I decided to make my VLogs now in english, because as far as I could see it here, the most reader's are from Germany and the USA. And I know that some from USA also watched my VLog, so be prepared!
And there is something missing in this epicness of cupcakes:

Hello Kitty Cupcakes!! Hello Kitty already conquered the world. I have seen pictures of Hello Kitty in everything, really everything! So the following days I will bring something about Hello Kitty, not only because I'm a fan of, no, also because there are sooo many fucking awesome things with her. And they need to been shown. If someone want to know what it could be, why don't you google Hello Kitty on Google Pic search?

So far for the cupcakes.
Today was the second test for A-levels. Mathematics. I'm pretty sure that I have failed in that test, but that isn't to bad for me, as I already said I wnat to repeat the schoolyear for a better school report. Interesting was the fact that one of my classmates was missing. There is only one way of getting an attestation and for taking the test again: Go to the public health officer and hope he can prove you are really ill. I'm sorry boy, I guess you failed....

Ok me too and I'm pretty sure I will see many people next year again, but I won't tell any name.
Friday is the third test, German. This will be ok because making a test for a language is always easy. For German you don't need to calculate or anything... English will also be no problem. But after them I will have to wait for acces to the last test: Informatics. I chose this subject because I love it and it is one of my best subjects so far. Also I wanted to make it because I wanted to do a study in info. But as you all should know it, your opinion changes and so did mine. I stil wanna make something that area, but I want to study japanese and then get abilities for Game Design. Drawings are my favor and illustrations. I know that I will definetly make something in that direction.
Also I have the chance to make music, so far I have two bands. One I already showed to you: JeSaKoLe. The other one is new and still needs suppoert and members. We called it Beauty lies within. And now you can guess who is in there?? Hell yeah! Sato from Styleking that I already introduced many times.

So far for my future and my exams.
Right now I have a favor for D, a japanese band I formerly laughed about but since they brought out Huang di ~yami ni umareta mukui~ I fell in love with them, not as much as I do with Nightmare, Girugämesh or Dir en Grey, but they climb up more and more.

And another important fact i have to tell about! My godaunty will visit us tomorrow! Gosh, you don't know how much I missed her. She lives in Munster that is 3 hours away if you take the car. Or the train...
I don't have that much time and also not that much money to visit her whenever I want. But she comes once a year for a visit to Kiel and so I can see her twice a year. My mummy is also in a good mood because she can see her again. My aunty is her best friend and can always manage things if there is a fight for example. She is the best aunty you can have in the big bright world!
:3 My oh my, I'm so excited!!

The food diary should be mentioned! I will take the first one on my Birthday afterparty. It's the 30th of march and there you will se different things like Bubble Tea from Kiel. (Yes, it is something special!!!) Sushi, if we should eat Sushi, and cake. But I don't know if bought or done by myself because now I heard that some people may say that can't because of work, that would suck. But hey...

Another topic!! This Blogspot will get a Header!! And in some time a new design, so be prepared. It will be something special and if everything will work fine here, I will start to make a new Blogspot for something special. But don't be scared that will take muuuuuuuuu~ch time and I still got much work to do here! <(^w^)>

But before I come to trah talk again I should stop so far. The next interesting facts you will read in a few days or tomorrow or whenever I write again!

So far til then
Dear's Kota!

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