Samstag, 28. September 2013

New, new, new...

Well, I overlooked what I had been writing all these times, times where I was dumb and stuff.
As a creative blog, presenting fine and easy art, I have decided to change everything and delete those old posts. Even the newest will be gone, because I am planning a new thing on this. I want to be a creative act and my past ist not really good for it.

Well a kinda starting over you can say, but this blog does need it.
Thanks for all these views I got from you all, even those who might read it.
I change a bit, grew older and if I want to keep this alive, I have to change the whole thing in here.

Be prepared. I'm already working.
As soon as the new design is done, you will be impressed by the new Kota Creative Act.
But I', not even sure to leave this name ot to hold on it.

You will see.
Stay tuned!

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