Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014

New Stuff

Hey Folks! 

Finally my order arrived! ( ^_^ )
Today I got the package, just the things I needed, but this time I didn't choose them because I just need them, more because I also liked them.

I want to show you some. Those I was way too excited about!

First: Socks. Well they aren't that special at all, I know. But I want to show them anyway, cause they are freaking awesome and now I don't need to be scared of missing things because of some little sisters.

Soo, here we go!

Now that winter is coming I decided to buy some warm socks.
Well most of the time you won't see them, 'cuz it's freaking cold outside but still I wanted them to have a certain kind of elegance.

And since I began to expand my color palette I even know began to wear grey and white. Somestimes growing up is a good thing. ( ^_^ )

And since I finally found a job I can effort all the things I want. Peut à peut.

But still I keep this little girl inside of me. Sometimes this little girl is giving me the best ideas.
And this little girl told me to get some new Hello Kitty socks. When I tried them on  they were really comfortable and keeping my feet warm.

Excellent! The main reason I wanted them was the leoprint pair. Somehow I have a faible for this .....

And this is also the explanation for the next pairings. (O....O)

 Except the pink pair I love them all. The black ones are excellent for wearing something plain and black.

The animal print socks are awesome and I love this kind of style.

So, these are my socks.

This is my scarf I bought. I thought his shape would be different, it looked that way but after all it is a very cool one and I totally love it!

My new leggings. Somehow I love that style. I can't explain why but somehow I have the feeling it will fit to my style.

So now that I want to make nearly everything new that I couldn't do last year I take my chances and want to make the best of it.
Somehow with that it started.

Now I will show you my most favourised thing. This was the reason to make the order. I saw it and thought: I NEED IT! I love the style and I checked it everytime I looked at it. And it's 100% perfect.

My new cardigan!

Not much left to say! ( ^-^ )
Also I got some new shoes. I really needed some new ones, my old ones are starting to flutter around and are nearby totally destroyed. I love my work. 

So I bought those: 
 One of the pair has an animal print.
So it's obviously that I had to buy them. As I was trying them on, I knew this were the shoes. They were very comfortable and I really love them!
The other pairs is not only looking good, they are also comfortable.

A really perfect choice!

And at the end of it all, Dixon, my boy cat, was resting in the box where the order once has been in.

 I ordered the things at the onlineshop of h&m. Well, it is cool to shop there and there are a lot of cool things in the sale (where all of these things are from) but has some negative points as well.

First the minimum. I hadn't known of that before. How should I know that I am only allowed to buy things 'til a maximum amount of money was arrived. So I had to pay the difference when I got the package. After looking through every button you can click in your account you might find this amount.

Second thing: Why do they tell you they can deliver at a certain time und two hours later you're getting an mail the things are now on their way to your house... Well, I had luckily enough money at home, but for those who order and think that's ok if they send it next week, it might be a catastrophe.

Third: They send with Hermes. Hermes is a group that hasn't much positive response. They took forever, or they just send it back but noone has ever been at your door. Also it appears that they tell you your package is at the neighbours but it never arrived or the neighbours doesn't even exist. One package I should get should be at my neighbours, but it never arrived. Luckily this here arrived as it should.

Well these are the things I got for myself and finally I have some warm things for the winter.

And now I will lay myself down in silent sadness because the tickets for Five Finger Death Punch are sold out...

Stay tuned!

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