Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Some new stuff!

So it's been a while since I did something on here, that doesn't mean I wasn't creative.
It's been a year now and I will try to post as much now as I can, with new energy and less stress that I had the last times.

If I have new pictures? Well, sure I do. But most of them are unfinished.
The Special work I have now is a Fire Rodan Fanart I'm trying to do. And since I now decided to leave the detail I wanted out I can now go into colouring.
In some days you will see the mighty Fire Rodan on here. So far I will present you some other stuff I did. All is raw material and still in work.

This one is a bit older, but so far there is only the colouring missing. Unfortunately I had to learn that drawing on parties is no good thing....

Anyways this pic has a history and I may present it to you, when I'm done with.

Less professional, but I like it a lot!
This I will redo, hoping that this time I can make it look even more awesome this time.

As you already saw this is my Godzilla Fanart and I thought it was a cool idea to do.
Well, actually I'm scared of an computer work, hoping I won't destroy it anyway...

Let's see it in a later post when this is done!

 This is an older sketch. real old, made back in school...
But I like the style and hope I can make it real good after I finished.

Since three years it is waiting to get ready but somehow I can't get any ideas for it so I have to hope I will find soon inspiration for this one....


One of my best so far. I already had finished an PC version, but I want to make a ReWork on it. Somehow, the nower version is not mine anymore..

Same here. I just overwork it, because it is really good and the PC work is not as awesome is this one...

 Those three were meant to be some kind of designs for this blog.
I will try my best to make them good.

This one hier is called "the Assassine"
 This one here is a newer design I made. I will totally overwork it.

It is called "the Geek"
And last but not least the third one. Made in school and probably the oldest of the three.

I don't know when I will finish her, maybe tomorrow maybe next month... But def I will overwork this.

It is called "the Magical Girl"

Last but not least, Rodan!!

He needed most of the time...
Since one monthe I try to get a detail for it, but it won't come, so I guess I will leave this detail out.
Or I will maybe find?
Wish me luck!!

That's all from me now!
Stay tuned!

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